Man of Wands (cheruborg) wrote in macminifans,
Man of Wands

Mini Mi (x-posted)

Lookie what came today! I've got to start stripping Twelve for parts and selling her on eBay. Amazing that I'm replacing my tower with something smaller than my external CD burner. I've got my sharpened putty knife all ready to do surgery for the 1 GB ram...

Tentative name: Pinto Danish.

But I'll see if it likes that name when it gets booted. I think it's a boy.


update: 2:21 PM. Two hours to transfer all my stuff over, but it seems to work fine. Anticlimactic, really, everything is precisely as it was. Except it's quiet. Really fucking quiet. As in, you can't tell it's running, as opposed to the wind tunnel of the old tower. Wow. Plus, the (temporary) downgrade to 256 Mb hurts, real bad, slow as molasses, going to put the new chip in shortly.

update: 3:54 PM. w00t! 1gb ram upgrade is up. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart. Most of the last hour was spent just trying to put the little fucker back together. Some sites said the trick is to get it to go in vertical, but I would say it's better to get the IO block in place in the back, so that the EMI tabs fit properly behind the housing, and THEN snap the rest in place. I must have disassembled and reassembled it 10 or 15 times till I got it right. I definitely marked the clean white plastic up a teeny bit, Apple service will know I dug in there if I ever bring it in.

But, with the extra memory in place, it's fully up to speed, and I can even feel the ~<20% processor boost now. Sweeeeet!!!
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