7hs (7hs) wrote in macminifans,

Here's my Mini

Arrived earlier today; 1.42/256MiB/80GiB/BT. The PC that she replaced is Mutsuki, so she is Kisaragi.

Doesn't seem too sluggish with the default amount of RAM, although I'm just running Colloquy and Safari so far. Exposé could be a little smoother, but that's about it... I think you're fine, Sek :)

And yes, I know I'm not supposed to put stuff on top of her. Kinoko weighs about a gram and without him I worry I'll pile something far heavier on top during an absentminded moment (my desk was a crowded mess before I used the Mini's arrival as an excuse to clean it, and will probably return to being one in short order.) He doesn't seem to be causing any problems...
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